February photography

Every month that passes in England I do a little dance –  ‘Wahoo, this my first January in London’. Monumental! But February is different. I have been here before. (It’s strange to think that my first trip to the UK, and the wonder of Alt Albion was only 3 years ago). In any case, this February is zipping along jauntily. American diners in Shoreditch, art exhibitions, friends arriving from far and wide, pancake day, bike rides, writing-writing-writing-trying-to-finish-my-novel.


st pauls

yayoi kusama





A) 2012 calendar from Labour & Wait.

B, C, D) Visiting the Yayoi Kusama retrospective at the TATE Modern.

E) A view from my bedroom.

F) A typewriter installation, as seen at Selfridges’ Words, Words, Words .

G) I bought this guidebook in anticipation of Barcelona. I feel like I have dreamed of visiting Spain forever.