A list of nostalgia

A list of interests from my livejournal profile, circa age 16:

alice roi, andy warhol, architecture, art, bikes, black tutus, cinematography, city stealing, climbing, coffee, commander keen, concerts, creme eggs, dancing, design, director vision, drawing, dresses, electronic music, fairy floss, fake citizen watches, ferris wheels, fiction, filmmaking, flocked old style wallpaper, goldfish in bathrooms, haruki murakami, imax sushi, impromptu art, japan, laurence aberhart, le chat noir, lee hazlewood, literature, love, ma higgins cookies, missing limbs, movies, mushrooms, nan goldin, nein das ist verboten, new york snow domes, novelty, paint spray, photocopiers, photography, pigeon murder, robin morrison, rocks, scripts, slide film, sofia coppola, sour bears, sushi, tattoos, the zipper, twister sheets, typography, vintage, waynes world, william eggleston, writing, zines

Most of it still is very relevant! City stealing refers to my (then) habit of snatching dust and fragments from meaningful-to-me buildings. Somewhere in storage at my parent’s house is a small blood-red tile, stolen from the front door of the Vegas Girl strip club in Auckland. It seemed like a radical idea then. Here’s a photo of the place that I took in 2003, from a pool hall across the road, when it was the SEEDY part of town. The pool hall is now a million dollar apartment.

Vegas Girl

Also, I don’t draw enough nowadays. What did you like when you were that age? Do you wish you were still doing those things?