A hint of spring

Blue skies and warm spells at last! On Saturday I even walked past a guy with his shirt off. While it’s not that hot yet, it’s certainly a pleasant change. May it be noted for the record, I am never doing a double winter again. That sort of thing is majorly soul sucking, and did not play nicely with my homesickness at all. But it’s all looking brighter, and I’m so much happier (No joke, I’m actually a lizard).

Viz, glorious spring:




On Saturday we went on a walking tour of London’s old coffee houses, lead by Dr. Matthew Green. It was really fun; we filed through minuscule alleyways, peeped through pub windows, and learned how the humble bean shaped our world. Care to guess how much profit Starbucks made in the UK last year?

London Coffehouse Tour



The bar Thom works at has something like 140 Belgian beers, or more! I think he’s drinking his way through them, and collecting the caps like Pokemon:

belgian beers


Meanwhile I am collecting protective amulets, channeling the power of love, the jaguar and the Third Eye. The little gold one is a Merci-Merci/Liberty trinket, which reminds me of special times in Paris.



I cycled all winter, rain and snow – which I consider a personal victory. But I can’t wait to go out when it’s nice, and ride fun places with my friends. I’m even thinking of doing the London to Brighton race…

I hope you’re all having wonderful week!