Londres – Some Thoughts


Regent's Canal

Muffin break

The Fox

batman bricks


I’ve lived in London for nearly 6 months now. It’s starting to feel ‘real’. Some things I have learned:

1. Local natives are rare. I seem to be hanging out with a lot of French kids lately. And Brazilians, Swedes, Dutch, and of course Kiwis.

2. Coffee is not great here, but exceptions can be found. Maps: AllpressClimpson & SonsShoreditch Grind,BrillFlat WhiteMonmouth

3. Moving makes all the other smaller decisions about change easier. If it’s not working, start fresh. Job, house, attitude.

4. Always take your A-Z out and about, even to the local pub.

5. Having never encountered it before – IKEA is amazing. You can even drink a beer there, it makes the housewares sparkle.

6. The best way to explore is on foot.

7. Also, there’s no hills, so cycling is far more fun. The downside – no hills means less sticky-outie landmarks, so see point 4.

8. Europe is just a flight or train ride away. Over Easter I’m going to Barcelona with some pals, I can’t wait.

9. Squirrels never fail to amuse.

10. The homesickness does pass. But calling home is still important.

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