Bath: a postcard

The Raven

Why is a raven like a writing desk? More photos from my weekend away in picturesque Bath, Somerset. It’s so pretty there, I couldn’t stop taking photos.



Farmhouse breakfast at Monkton Farleigh. I was so sleepy I poured coffee into a juice goblet…

X marks the spot


Pulteney Arms

Below is a photo of the Bertinet Kitchen, high on the hill above Bath. This is the home of aforementioned best pain au chocolat EVER. It’s not just a bakery – it’s also a kitchenware shop and they host some classes that sound amazing. For instance: a four day course on baking, pastry and patisserie, and recently Anna Hansen, ofModern Pantry fame, taught there.


We asked our taxi driver He dropped us off by the canal, a few miles out-of-town. From there we walked back into the centre. I loved the sign written names of the canal boats. Crispy Duck!




The Cat's Whiskers


And to finish… a touristy shot of the girls and I outside Bath Abbey, grimacing at the cold and the encroaching rain! If Bath is this nice in the middle of winter, it must be glorious in summer.