Right now London is a whirlwind of interviews (please send me luck, I need it!), catching up with old friends, life “admin”, figuring out what tube line I need to be on, and just absorbing all the little things I need to get up to speed with (woah – cream comes in a pottle not a bottle).

Last week I did manage to have some friends over for dinner; we ate risotto by candlelight in the back garden and watched aeroplanes soar overhead. Cooking for others is really important to me. It made me think of all the things that I need/want, to make me feel at home here. Mostly it is doing; making some roots and settling into routine.

1. Find a darkroom and start developing & printing once more. I used to do this in high-school. I want to do it here; B&W film developing and processing costs are high! And because I lugged my heavy Canon AE-1 across the planet…

2. Write daily. As a writer, this obviously happens, but I’d love to – rather, need to – carve out a chunk of time each day to write for me. Not for my blog, not emails to my friends, articles or copywriting. My own personal creative works that have no ambition to be published, or expectations. At my new house we have an amazing garden shed which looks like a log cabin (and used to be a home recording studio). I’m hoping to take it over, add a desk, and a light and get up early every morning

3. Buy a bicycle. I had to sell my pink and orange beastie in Auckland, but thankfully London is some sort of bicycle city of the future. There’s single speeds, fixies, and Boris bikes abound! Most of all, I want to get one with a basket.

4. Visit every museum in London. Apparently there are over 200 of them in this city, so this is a loftier, long-term goal. Most of them are free, which makes for excellent – and cheap – weekends out! Next on the list: Bethnal Green’s Museum Of Childhood.

5. Build a wardrobe. When it comes to clothes, I have the opportunity to start from scratch. I moved to England with two dresses, one pair of jeans and a handful of shirts. It’s really a pleasure to have the time to consider what matters to me when it comes to style, and to invest in some great pieces. Also, UK shopping is amazing! Uniqlo, H&M, Topshop, Zara…

 What’s on your September list? I can’t believe advent calendars are in the shops already. It’s all downhill to 2012 from here!