cos·set/ˈkäsit/ verb: Care for and protect in an overindulgent way. Taking refuge from the winter winds that battered the city all weekend, the brunch club ventured out to suburbia out to Cosset, a sweet little café in Auckland’s Mt Albert. And indulge us they did.

Cosset cafe

Cosset Cafe

It’s a warm and cozy place, filled with vintage furniture, stacks of magazines and lots of plants. The counter was stacked high with homemade bread and baking, and the staff were incredibly friendly. You can’t help but feel like you are taking tea in someone’s stylish living room.

Sarah at Cosset Cafe

I was delighted to discover that Cosset’s menu is entirely vegetarian, and was so delicious that the rest of the crew forgot about bacon. We ate: beans on toast with ripe avocado, coffee beans smothered in chocolate truffle, garlic mushrooms, and my pick of the day; toasted banana nut bread smeared with butter. We drank: star anise and feijoa sodas (made with Cosset’s own syrups), lavender lattes, and bracing Kokako coffee.

Brekkie at Cosset cafe

Double shot flat white at Cosset Cafe

Thom at Cosset Cafe

Team Brunch post Cosset

Oh boy, it was a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday. With bellies full and minds humming from all the caffeine; we headed back to the car feeling, yes, cared for. I think we are all promising to ourselves that we will visit Cosset again soon.

A. 1087 New North Rd, Mt Albert 1025 

T. 09 846 0655