United we travel

Over the last few days I’ve been so excited most of my words have come out muddled and I have nearly developed my own language of squeaks. Why? Because I’m off to the United Kingdom next week! (Yup, that’s my secret – I only found out on Monday.)

bon voyage

A grand surprise, I’m lucky to be road tripping with the Alt Albion crew on a 12 day cultural voyage (does that mean beer?) of discovery.

We’re checking out Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, London and Brighton. I must say, the “we” is a very cool bunch of people – I’m looking forward to getting to know them.

Alt Albion

Some of the things that I might (and very likely will) do:

+ London Fashion Week + See Magazine in Manchester + High tea at the Ritz + Grouchos + London Eye + Eat Brighton Rock + Stay in a 17th century inn on Loch Lomond + Try some (vegetarian) haggis + Go to a chippery + See a fox + Party at Optimo in Glasgow + Drink a daily bucket of tea + Go to a football match + The Royal Pavilion in Brighton…

Brighton Royal Pavilion

And a million other things I’m sure. The 9th largest island in the world is my oyster! If you’ve got any suggestions, please let me know – I need some starting points.

As this trip is so last minute (I hurriedly bought a down jacket yesterday, and am struggling to find boots!), I haven’t prepared any posts for while I’m away. I’ll definitely try and keep up but no promises. However, it looks like I will be blogging daily over at Alt Albion site however, so check it out. Yay all round!