UK Adventures Part 3

From Glasgow we drove south of the border to Liverpool. Home of Beatle mania and hot Liverpudlians. Trust me – I never thought I’d say that but it’s true. There were many gorgeous boys and girls to behold.

While visiting, the team stayed at the Hard Days Night Hotel – a Beatles themed pad, from the cocktails to the background lobby music. Every room was graced with a portrait of the fab four. I lucked out however, viz:

80s Paul
Hear my plaintive pleas of ‘why?’

The Tate Liverpool was a mystical experience. A William Blake exhibition was being held and it was phenomenal. Other people can articulate the magic better than I, so I will leave it, only saying that it’s so good perhaps a post art exhibition cigarette would have be appropriate.

After a nice day out in Liverpool (I was sad to leave so soon) we drove to Manchester. I was the navigator for this part of the journey and truth be told, it was one of the most stressful experiences of my life. A cigarette was more than appropriate and I pretty much dropped the map book and ran for the nearest bar.


I enjoyed Manchester, it had a really good vibe and felt like somewhere I could live. Become a romantically poor writer, work in a cafe and drink hot tea all day before playing with my band at night. There is more to it than bohemian dreams however, Manchester has an amazing shopping precinct. I loved this prizewinning display by Mulberry:

mulberry manchester


Here’s the three posts I wrote for Alt Albion regarding these fine cities:

+ The Liver Bird – a mythology lesson.

+ March of The Spoons – the obsession grows, the experiences become odder.

+ Vintage Manchester – the best places to find clothes and drink tea in the Northern Quarter. A cute girl from Retro Rehab helped me out with the hot tips!

retro-rehab bread & butter