England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. This time Scotland! Post the Loch Lomond extravaganza, we nipped down to Edinburgh for a romantic Valentines Day with Bryan, a poor lad trying to carve out a career as a half-assed theatrical tour guide. He was to take us through the dungeons of Edinburgh and did so with not-entirely-positive panache. It got a bit chilly however and we we forced to flee into the night.

One thing I did get out of the experience was an understanding of just how ancient the settlements of Albion are. Such beautiful old buildings everywhere!



Other highlights of Edinburgh: the Hilton Club Suites and bar, eating cheese and chips, mildly enjoying a crepe from a street vendor (people kept pronouncing it “crap”, which I found hilarious).


The next morn we awoke and cruised to Glasgow in the Transit van. 62mph was our top speed at all times. Glasgow is a mixed land – a day of beautiful buildings and parks, special op-shops and of course, teaspoon adventures.


glasgow university

Glasgow University


Then conversely – a night of scandalously interesting people and glorious clubbing at Optimo until the wee hours (read Duncan’s take on our experience over at Alt Albion). Who knew?