Timeless – Louis Vuitton ads

The glamour of travel is definitely evoked by this Louis Vuitton Luggage advertisement – found in the 1901 Orient Pacific Guide. I love the  hand rendered type, the etching and the telegraphic address, simply – “Vuitton, London” (large view).

There’s nothing like pretty pictures of trunks and travel wear to get me excited!

Louis Vuitton

This image is actually a photo I took of the original book. During that time it was common to fill the guides up with advertising material from the exotic destinations, or in this case, the dearest starting point. I found it in a Maritime Museum library, where I could hardly be trusted to breathe near the books – let alone scan something…

Here is one of the latest Louis Vuitton advertisements; featuring the adorable father-daughter combo of Francis and Sofia Coppola. They too  make travel look exceedingly desirable (see also the LV Sean Connery ad).

Louis Vuitton Coppola Print Advert



Funny how some things don’t change too much over time – even over more than a century. What makes travel glamourous? Both ads are about thoughtful reflection, lounging and wide vistas (1901 has this metaphorically, 2008 has this literally) – benefits of being outside your daily sphere. Oh and gorgeous draping fabrics, and exquisite baggage – the luxury requisites of travel.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page.”

– St. Augustine of Hippo