Thoughtfully yours

Are you or a loved one infected with a dreamy wanderlust? Are you a known Francophile? Do you swoon at the thought of puffed macarons? Then perhaps this gift combination would tickle your fancy…

Wallpaper Paris City Guide + Candle

The Paris Wallpaper City Guide will go down a treat when you are plotting an excursion to the fair city – full of cool tidbits and local nous that will see you hitting the ground running. When you make your own discoveries you can note them down in the back of the book. Multi-function for the win! I have recently bought one in anticipation of taking on Beijing and the Tokyo one has been a good friend to me in the past.

And to go with your travel literature, may I suggest a Maison de cire Trudon candle, in the scent of Roi Soleil! “The candles are part of a legacy which extends back to 1643, when the first Maison de cire Trudon apothecary opened in Paris, providing its services to Queen Marie Therese. ” Since then they have been gracing the olfactory spheres of royalty, parishes and other notable residences.


What makes Roi Soleil especially wondrous is its fragrance  – inspired by the “”Mirror Gallery” and the vast wooden floor of the Chateau de Versailles”. It is described as a “kingly and solar perfume”, that “blends a green and wooded wake of coniferous trees to the sumptuous dizziness of incense with a light ray of citrus”.

Ooh la la – that language! Egads, I am almost sniffing my screen… As you know, I am on a Français film spree and have just watched Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette (so sweet, like candyfloss hair) – so this is perfect. The candles are also vegetable-wax based – meaning they’re animal friendly, which is the only way to go.

Imagine the two items bundled in tissue, wrapped in brown paper, then tied up with peach tulle. Whether for yourself or someone dear to you, what a breath-taking gift to unwrap – magnifique!