Ride the Zipper

Check out these teeth gnashingly good pieces of zipper costume jewellery made by Kate Cusack:

Kate Cusack

I do like – they remind me of corals and sea anemones! However what really stands out is the use of zips as an object of beauty in their own right, rather than for pure function.

“In art school,” Kate explained, “I realized that once you allow yourself to use materials in unconventional ways, then, just about anything is possible. It’s ironic that most fashion designers try to hide or disguise zippers in their creations. However, I love zippers’ shiny metal teeth and I want to show off, not hide, their sparkle and their sinuous flexibility.”

Ah yes, those little dangerous teeth. Also, not being the sewing type, Kate’s work alerted me to the fact zips come in different colours… something I never really thought about before.

Marc Jacobs is also feeling the zipped aesthetic, with these hair barrettes:

Marc Jacobs Zipper

I really like both manifestations of ze zipper – a rock and roll hard edged look made wearable. A touch of punk!