The last week has been hectic! A lot to do and not much time to do it… I’m sure you know how that goes.  As mentioned earlier, I went to a farm. It’s amazing how different the pace is out there – so peaceful. I also pranced around and produced a Christmas tree of sorts, visited a public Christmas tree and went on a very rapid drive in an old car. Fun!

Photographic Evidence


A New Zealand summer sky.


Sammy, one of the farm cats.


Free ranging and happy chick-a-dees.

Giant bunny

This rabbit was HUGE. You would have a full armful of bun-bun.


Islington Christmas Tree

 Jess asked for beer...

A tree made of lights, down in a city park.

Isuzu Gemini

Sunday driving…

I also got a little bit drunk and silly with my friends, after an evening of saying “yes!” to any opportunity that arose – such as bars we had never been to before and buying bottles of Champagne. This resulted in some godawful dancing on my behalf (thankfully no photographic evidence) and calling my friend in France – things I both enjoyed immensely!

What did you say yes to this weekend? Did it work out for the best, or even adventure?