Colour theory

What do you get when you combine bibliophilia with an aesthetic obsession?

A personal curatorship that amuses and inspires!

Adobe Bookshop

Green Books

photos from the adobe bookshop project

Book Shelves

bookshelves by chotda

Red and orange and yellow and green, indigo, violet and blue…

The power of colour can not be underestimated for bringing interesting new dimensions to your life. Gorgeous and so easy… anyone can do it!

Red clothes

Make your whole life seemingly organised – Rearrange your CD’s like Nattbarn has done or your clothes – a la Nubby Twiglet. Read only green books for a month. Eat a rainbow of foods for a week (at your own risk). Only take photos of yellow objects or, if you’re feeling sassy, pink. Write your diary out in lime green ink. Work within constraints to break new ground in your life. Feel the power of the spectrum… Embrace it!