• The famous Life photo archive is now held by Google and fully searchable! From the late 1800s to today, you may browse to your hearts delight – or search for fashion, cocktails, make-up… even your country!
Joan Crawford & Salvador Dali

Joan Crawford & Salvador Dali

  • The Fashion Almanac is a project by Laura Bradley. A compendium style magazine with lots of line drawings and venn diagrams to instruct you on fashion forecasta. It reminds me a lot of the Monocle aesthetic (which I love, yo). Available to read online here! [viaStyle Bubble]
Transcending fashions...

Transcending fashions…

  • Style from Tokyo is street fashion photography by Rei Shito. I discovered it after my last post on Japanese street style & it’s a goodie – loads of hot Harajuku looks. Also of note is The Streets Walker – a Tel Aviv based street fashion blog. I honestly never imagined Israeli fashion in this context – so exploring this site has been really eye-opening and inspiring. Fashion – another reason to visit Israel (my friend Danit is the first reason)!
  • Awesome gifs at GreenLaundry– that really bring a sense of life and energy to the blog. Something I would like to try in the future…
  • Dumpling Dynasty products meet the charmingly Asian kitsch illustration by Fiona Hewitt– famed for her earlier artistic contributions to the adorable Miso Pretty bath product line.

Chestnuts by Pia Jane Bijkerk