A new year often triggers a desire to start new habits, try fresh looks and generally buck trends!

Because of the perceived demarcation of time, it’s a good time to set goals and resolve to do thing differently. In particular I like the New Year for reassessing my style for the year ahead – it’s mid season too, so you have a wee bit of thinking and preparation time.

This year my personal fashion resolutions are:

– To wear lipstick more often or, at least, some sort of stain. I’m kind of lazy and just use gloss all the time, when the lovely MAC colours that seduced me at the counter go unused.

– To buy a pair of Frye boots. I love these stormy ones and would like to make them mine!

– To wear my Chucks less (to work). I love them but sometimes they don’t work so well in the boardroom. Plus it’s an opportunity to buy some towering wedges I have had my eye on.

– To go to the gym more often (3x a week). Right now I have a rather sporadic approach to my training, which is a shame because I was so good for months! Routines are necessary and must be followed.

– To wear more hats! I adore fascinators and the way they manage to turn a plain outfit into something sultry. I’d like to embrace the hat look with open arms – I want to be the fancy girl in the feather finery!

What are your style resolutions or goals?

If you want to change your style but are having trouble deciding on exactly what to do; take it small and easy to begin with. Initially I brainstormed one thing to wear more of, one thing to wear less of, one thing to buy, a beauty wish and a health/fitness goal! Goal maestros recommend making things even more specific, so break these thoughts down even further. For instance, wear make up more is a bit generic so I then focused it on my lips. Sassier shoes became buying the Frye boots.

Another tact you could try is writing a style statement and highlighting the elements you want to build upon this year:

“2K9 is the year robots take over planet Earth and force us to wear a uniform of black hooded dresses and blue metallic tights. I ward off the negative energies of the everyday by wearing amulets of amethyst and large powder-coated chain necklaces. 6 inch towering black heels keep me looking above the heads of the crowd, keeping an eye out for ‘bots.”

More of a visual person? Destroy a few of those magazines you have lying around – snip imagery that takes your fancy and create some fashion inspiration collages to refer to. Be sure to note down designers of pieces you particularly like!

style notebook

One of my (in progress!) 2009 style inspiration collages.

For others, it may be a combination of the two. I’m going to print out my list, along with a few of my favourite collages of late, and pin them to the inside of my wardrobe. Everyday inspiration, voila! And hopefully, some style resolutions we can stick to!