Sorbet Sneakers

I never used to be enamoured  with sneakers… Shoes, yes, always! However I always thought sneakers were going to look ridiculous on my giant feet. Until I started working at a design agency, with a fair number of shoe addicts. Often, before they even say good morning, your daily footwear has been inspected – I kid you not. It’s all about who has the coolest kicks. There always seems to be an obsessive craze going on too – this month it is cheap canvas plimsolls. Heh, I have them, everyone else is hunting for them!

Anyway, with all this sneaker madness, my interest was piqued and given a little time I am now really excited about kicks. I have been on the look out for a new pair and my first, second and third thought was – COLOUR!

I like these watermelon, enamel blue and shadow purple runners by Onitsuka Tiger. Saiko Runners, inspired by the retina burning 70′s. According to the Tiger site, “Saiko” means ultimate in Japanese and sounds like ‘psycho’ in English ❤ I love clever names.

These beautiful lavender beasties are a collaboration between Converse and Danish brand Wood Wood (who have also worked on Nikes). Luxe suede meets high attention to detail such as the red eyelet and star perforations. In AKL Area 51 sell them for around NZD$200 – tempting!

Puma Booties in black, white gardenia and strawberry ice – the most amazing colour names ever, non? These shoes are beautiful in person – look carefully and you can see the metallic mesh detailing. I also adore the strap to bind fast against your ankles. Formally named The Key WN‘s, they are inspired by a traditional b-ball shape.

The pumas may be close to perfect but I am still on the hunt for some good ‘bee’ like sneakers, thick splashes of yellow and black. I have been perusing a few sites, but the perfect pair haven’t popped up yet. In the world of sneakers though, new designs seem to crop up every day. To garner obsessive level intelligence and observe macro sole analysis, head to: