There is nothing better than sitting around watching roaring flames or glowing embers… it’s an event for all seasons too! On the beach, or in a cabin or even at home. If you have a little outdoor area, it’s not too much effort to procure a little brazier for some good quality fire time. My fire lighting technique involves crumpling up newspaper, creating a teepee of kindling with larger bits of wood lying on the base to push in – similar to this gorgeous photo:

photo by weezie

Whether you are camping or snuggling beside a hearth, you might need a couple of accessories to perfect the experience. These hip-flasks from I Don’t Like Mondays would look adorable by your side. If you’re going to do it (my sneaky wee it being vodka or pink lemonade), you may as well do it in style.

5 other essentials you need to make your fireside moment magical…

Blankets, preferably plaid. Marshmallows for roasting and toasting – I set mine on fire till they are almost destroyed. A cute little beanie or cap for your head. A guitar for making music and singing along to. A camera for savouring the moment – I love taking long exposures of flames and sparks. Snap, crackle, pop!