Late spring. Standing in the dappled light of my front porch. Or, of my verandah as we say around here. The differences in language use between various English-speaking nations really become apparent when you start putting things out on the Internet for consumption, as opposed to just observing.

It’s a wonderful thing though, especially as a writer, you get to tap into a vocabulary well deeper than you ever imagined. A few examples of the variations I love are:

Candy – sweets – lollies. Bodega – convenience store – dairy. Popsicle – ice lolly – iceblock. Comforter – doona – duvet.

But most of all… I love fringe – bangs – iron curtain of hair! This is what started all my musing – isn’t it funny how the two words are completely unrelated? From what I understand fringe was the original term, then bangs developed colloquially, from a use of the adverb bang – meaning abruptly. It obviously stuck. Anyway, here is my new fringe in action:

i have a fringe!

+ Tempt blue dress
+ Levi black jeans
+ Silver canvas plimsolls (shock, from the Warehouse)




There seems to be about 20 different shade of pink & purple in my hair. If I was to step into full sunlight you’d see a halo of magenta around my crown. Anyway, bangs are fun – it’s amazing how different they can make you look.

Rather a lot of thinking and commentary for an outfit that ended up being very pared back. I guess I’m just fascinated by language and culture. How about yourself –  are you a fringe or bangs kind of cat?