More moustache for yo money

Ahh, such gorgeous hairy men! There is something to be said for well kept facial hair. It denotes that the wearer (beard farmer, mo owner?) is a conscientious sort of chap with the right attitude towards style.

If you need a few tips on getting your own facial forest up to scratch, the commenters at Life Hacker generally advise: shaving with hot water, using a proper shaving soap and soothing your skin with aloe-vera afterward.

A trip to the barbers for a proper wet shave will never go astray either; I have heard reports of scruffy boys going in, then coming out feeling and looking a million dollars!

It’s a serious subject – so important in fact that international whisker competitions are held regularly (the thought made me giggle)! Check out this gallery of the best in the beard gamesat National Geographic.

For those of us lacking in this department or lacking in creativity, I present five moustache pencils: Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django and Clark – as seen in the flesh above. A cheap Halloween outfit? Movember on the fly? Oh, the endless possibilities!