I smiled at the sea

I love Lauren Kovin’s debut collection. Consisting of flexible pieces that all have the ability to be draped in a myriad of ways, for multiple looks. I imagine them as charming octopi and jellyfish that embrace you in their floating folds! The dresses reminded me so much of Ernst Haeckel’s wonderful illustrations that I just had to collage them:

Clockwise from top I’ve used the Kimono Dress with Double Ties, the Gather Dress and the Rope Tunic with Convertible Wrap Skirt. An organic montage, which reflects what the JC Report has to say about Kovin’s process.

I urge you to not just imagine the movement but take a moment to watch the look book video on her site. The flow of the garments is simply beautiful. These dresses were made for living, moving and breathing women – not mannequins!