CFS Loves 02

The Cocoon Nebula

  • I’m personally terrified of space (thinking about black holes and the like gives me the creeps) but I can get over it to look at these amazing photographs in the NASA image gallery. You can also look at worlds beyond with the images of the Hubble telescope.
  • DIY Acid Wash. Don’t pay a billion dollars for a washed out tee, make one yourself. I’ll be trying this out in my bathtub shortly… Also works for jeans too!
  • Tonite makes brilliant clothes and accessories for both men and women folk… totally craving a shell pink-unicorn tee!
  • Salt Peanuts – a ditty by Bird Boy…
  • Souvenirs by Michael Hughes. A novel take on the boring old tourist flicks. Also of travel photography note, Lazarescu’s ‘Random People with Statues’ looks promising! I look forward to him snapping happy moments of strangers all over Europe.
  • Johanna has some amazing images and videos of Banksy’s Pet Store in NYC. I’m tempted to get on a plane just to go see it – if you’re in New York don’t miss it!
  • I love my new gladiator sandals. Watch out for me stomping through small towns this summer, wearing denim shorts, band t-shirts and these puppies that say “NO NEGOTIATION”!