• Graphic designers were asked – please recommend a book that you have found particularly inspiring or meaningful to your development as a creative person? This is their book list for inspiration.
  • Telescopic text is very clever and a great piece of writing to boot. Just click away!
  • Every day Jason posts a photograph of something that made him happy. He calls this the Daily Nice.
  • Do it yourself with Ksubi and Teen Vogue – painted jeans. There’s also a few other handy D.I.Y. fashion instructions from designers.
  • Japanese street style is my favourite! It all started with FRUiTS in 1997 and I am glad to see how the effort of recording fashion in Tokyo has been maintained in a digital form. Check out DropSnap, Style Arena. I have been a fiend for these sites lately as I look for inspiration in clothing textures and kooky hair cuts.  Sanna’s (on-hiatus) Vagabond Looks is excellent too!