A battle of two beasties

I love watching films that make me uncomfortable. Cinema of unease that leads to a slight clenching of my jaw as I study the screen. A painful conversation or two that makes me twist my toes into knots as I listen. That was the Squid and the Whale… a brilliant movie that I waited far too long to watch. It’s the story of the Berkmans and divorce, the separation of an entire family.

Here are a selection of stills from the film.. It was set in Brooklyn, 1986 – so it was interesting to see how the costuming was rather neutral – except for Anna Paquin’s scarf! Or rather has fashion come around enough to declare brown corduroy jackets fashionable? Check out the hot typewriter shirt in the last still.

And this is the movie’s namesake; the squid and the whale at the Natural History Museum in NYC. I hope to go see it some time very soon! Just like I hope you get to see the Squid and the Whale film soon if you haven’t already.

PS. The soundtrack is awesome. I rank it up there with the Risky Business soundtrack – 1980’s aural pleasure ❤