Why hello there

Just had to share these dashing sneakers made by Kathryn Wilson for New Zealand brand Ruby. Seriously, every shoe this woman makes is covetable gold!

Although I think the anchor motif is a little dated, it’s still irresistible in this bare-ankle context. As an aside, I vote for a new icon – something to replace the anchor, the cherry, the horseshoe (which still has some life left in it), the swallow, and the skull… Suggestions anybody? Camels?

The striped low sneakers will probably go with most things, but especially some of the pretty white lace dresses I’ve seen coming through. What makes Wilson’s shoes so appealing is the fact they’re accessible for everyone – not too chain store, not too conceptual – just right and ready to wear. I never really appreciated the true straight up meaning of that term till recently… Summer a-hoy-hoy!