Smashing week

Another genius is hailed, another is thrown off the throne. Yes, it’s New York Fashion Week. While I could talk in depth about it, there are many others doing a stand up job so I will leave it to them! My favourite commentators this year have been Paper Mag (with a great star rating system) and NY Mag, who always take a tongue-in-cheek approach to their write ups.

I will say however, that I enjoyed Karen Walker’s show! Those true blue shorts are phenomenal (colour of the century in my opinion) and I feel quite partial to the boyish grunge style. Light blue denim is in? The Believers collection really does say ‘get thee into a jean shirt pronto’. Karen’s influences? According to this note on Isaac Likes, it’s all about “Cults, communes and religious sects. With a little but of voodoo thrown in there too”.

Also, oxfords are still in; the gods have spoken and you may rock them for another season. Rejoice!