Polaroid robots

I’m not sure whether Polaroid film is coming or going! The internet seems to be swirling with rumours every day about the demise or resurrection of the glorious little instant chemical packets.. Either way, you can relax now with the production of these replica frames! Simply pop your photo in and voila, instant Polaroid good times.

Tip: Mailing someone a real or fake Polaroid is a super cute alternative to cheesy slogan postcards, or a remedy to stale “love-emails”. Say with photos, say it with words, say it uniquely!


If you’re still fond of the real thing (let’s face it, who isn’t), unsaleable is the place to go for the Polaroid dead stock you crave. Be prepared to pony up some sweet cash though! In their words –

“Gone are the days when your local dealer charged you prices for Polaroid material that made Russian caviar look cheap”.

Makes the frames look good huh?

[via hi there]