Halycon days

Halcyon was the name of Cybèle’s autumn/winter 09 collection as shown this afternoon. A Halcyon is a type kingfisher, which was graphically prominent across the range. Overall it was very pretty and felt like an evolution of previous ranges rather than something shockingly new. Also, as most New Zealand fashion tends to be, it was exceedingly ready to wear. That’s the test for me of course; would I buy something for my every day life? Yes, yes!

So, what did I appreciate from the show?

+ Sky high, oversized shoes which made the models teeter down the runway. Made by G&L.
+ Soft capes, accentuated by drawstrings.
+ Gorgeous colours in keeping with Cybèle’s style, a punchy mustard, turquoise, blacks and grays.
+ Shiny (?) gray jeans. I love me a good skinny denim and this is permission to keep on that train!
+ Knitted dresses and piled scarfs.
+ Hot music, I heard a bit of Lykke Li in there I’m sure!

Here are a couple of my (rather average) shots:



Right, I know I have been sounding like a total Cybèle fangirl recently and the blog reflects that… While I will update with a few of the professional shots, this will be the last of the worshiping for a while, I promise!