Last night I attended the Hailwood show at ANZFW with a large posse of people from work.  The show started (eventually, stop your seat squabbling, people!) with dimmed lights and a spotlight on one Miss Bionic Pixie, who performed a thumping electro set during the show. Her style is rather reminiscent of the Ting Tings. The light then rose and for the next 15 minutes models (both boys & girls) strutted out in the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection.

I liked:

+ Cute denim dresses and high waisted skirts.
+ Prim hats.
+ The clear-cut skull-flower-lips primary graphic. This looked amazing on one pink petal slip dress. “It must be mine!” ran through my mind instantly.
+ Loads of vintage sixties brocaded dresses, perfect for partying in.
+ Kudos for presenting some menswear. It was very cool – a dark palette, nicely accessorized.

Those shoes, oh my god. I was drooling. Overall I thought the clothes were very safe – perhaps the influences of Adrian’s mentor Annah Stretton? I did have a great time, the show had a great energy and I saw lots of really wearable pieces.