DRESS CODE: 28/9/2008

T-shirt: Country Road, my very favourite brand for basic tees.
Jeans: Jeanswest. I’m only just embracing blue jean. Usually I look like a bit of a Westie with black jeans and shirts.
Belt: Stolen from my father (along with my socks)!
Safari boots: Vintage… these don’t seem to leave my feet.
Scarf: Equip, very cheap, very versatile!

Working, working… so very utilitarian/comfy. Tomorrow I’m hoping to put a long overdue update on Catch & Covet – lots of new vintage goodies. This meant a long day of photography, measuring and climbing out the window on to the roof to hang out in the sun, hehe. I wore my new magenta scarf, which matches my new hair! It doesn’t quite look like this in real life – it’s a little more brighter/obvious. I love it and can’t wait for warmer weather when I can simply wear a singlet and use my tattoos/hair as a splash of colour.