Acetate, spray & masks

If you’re in Auckland, you might have heard of the SideRoom/42 Below Month of Street Art, celebrating the art of scribbling in public.  Tomorrow night the second show opens, featuring work of Flox, Peepshow and more. As part of the show, they have also engaged the artists to work directly on the outside panes of the building. If you can’t make it down, here’s a few shots I took of the gallery the other day:

mad stencils

jump tama

feathered spray

Part 1 was a tight little exhibition, so chances are I will be wandering across the road to have a look. Word is that if you arrive early there will be special Flox collectables given away. I think it’s also safe to assume there will be some yummy 42 Below vodka treats!

If you’re more keen on participating than observing, Visual Resistance has a simple tutorial on how to make street worth stencils. Or make a jumbo statement with this instructional on how to make wall sized stencils. Will you be the next Banksy?