A tribly to trill about

This is one of the most amazing ideas I’ve seen in a long time. Ataahua has created unique hats in the trilby style as worn by traditional Cuban coffee roasters’. Each one is made out of a recycled individual Hessian coffee sack, meaning different patterns from different origins.

I would team this wonder hat with simple summer frocks, Havaianas (jandals Cuban style yo), a rum based strawberry daiquiri (yum!) and a bright beach towel. This combo would ensure I was set to frolic all day long, whether reading magazines or going to meet friends in the evening. Excellent.

We need more of these sexy sustainable ideas! Shade yourself from the sun, save the planet and look stylish? Too good and totally true. If you’re looking for more green style ideas and products, I highly recommend Treehugger’s fashion section.  In the meantime, expect to see a million summer photos of me wearing an Ataahua trilby.