3 emerging jewellery designers

These are three designers that have taken my fancy recently, all linked by a common, golden thread. They are all women of the world, transcending both location and form to build something beautiful.

1. Nora Kogan creates her St. Kilda Jewelery line out of Brooklyn, NYC, rather than from its namesake seaside village. Her pieces are the thoughtful reflections of a globetrotter who has both pondered wallpaper in Paris and apprenticed in Israel.

2. Pamela Love of NYC makes works that speak of nature and glorious decay. She takes bird bones to a whole new level and has her range stocked all across the world. According to this interview, she is heavily inspired by folk jewelery and indigenous cultures.

3. Daphna Simon has made tiny statue like renditions of wolves, bears and leopards that perch gracefully on your fingers. All in 18k gold, no less. She also has made some winsome log rings, celebrating the beauty of the forest.

I see jewelery as portable art, tokens of insight and beauty to draw on when you need a little bit of the shiny, bright stuff.  These pieces would certainly feed me inspiration; however I am keen to know to who out there creates the adornments that you crave?