Que sera sera

While nursing a flat white on Saturday morning, I spied some fashion nugget rocking this shirt with tighty-tight blue jeans and a vest. I had completely forgotten about this tee and very excitedly described the aesthetic joy of it all to my companion… Please say hello to the ‘Que Sera Sera’ t-shirt by Sass and Bide! The sequins are much more vivid in real life.

I am not usually a fan of creamy/white shirts but this one certainly urges me to change my mind. To that I say: whatever fashion dictates, whatever will be! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to bring some sparkle drama to the every day? This t-shirt serve the cause perfectly, without coming off all naff like an amateur figure skater. It looks mighty comfy as well, coming in with a ratio of 10% bean, 60% viscose and 30% modal.

Bonus fact – for all you language boffins out there: ‘que sera sera’ is of no true language origin. It is in fact, *gasp*, made up… merely deriving from the so called romantic languages. Anyway, back on track – in the collection you will also find these two pretties:

Shiny! However if you feel these are all a bit too mild for your tastes, try this Rebecca Taylor sequined jacket, heaven for all hardened sheen queens.