Hot summer, cool men

So the 80′s are back. We knew it would happen… it appears that 20 years ago is always the fashion, a time far enough away that it’s become cool enough to reference. You best be preserving your early nineties Ninja Turtle garb because come 2010, that shit is going to be totally covetable.

Anyway! The NY Times has a sweet slideshow of eighties inspired menswear. Below are my two favourite looks from the series. It’s good to be a guy! Even though this hemisphere is in the middle of the cold season, the colours could definitely inspire some winter looks.

Swap the shorts for scarves, match t-shirts with cardigans and remember the sunnies, regardless of season. Leather jackets are always a wonderful investment for girls & guys, especially if you snag a fantastic vintage one (like I just have… photos soon)! Just make sure it’s a perfect fit, and the arms are long enough for you – there’s nothing worse than pulling your inches short sleeves down all day.