Fleet Foxes

Ah, Fleet Foxes. I have been cranking this self-titled album all weekend. My picks of the bunch are the ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’ and the beautiful ‘White Winter Hymnal’, which haunts my brain for hours at a time. I have to completely agree with the random commenter on YouTube that stated “If you don’t like Fleet Foxes, you don’t like music”. Hear, hear. I suggest you go buy it now!

Also, on the note of foxes (and the wonderful aesthetics of them), here’s a few of my favourite takes on the icon:

A handmade leather mask from Merimask at Etsy, perfect for wearing with frothy frocks at a dress up party, twirling to Fleet Foxes. And a sly wee necklace from Rare Device, available in rose gold or silver. Wear either of these and one will look very fetching!