Nasty Gal Vintage has moved off ebay (although not without controversy) to their own online store. These guys are serious full time vintage peddlers and hence, do come across some darling finds! Currently Nasty Gal has quite a good selection of dead stock frames up – there is a lot of eighties goodness there. My picks are the blue mirrored Testarossa Safety Shades, the rather sweet Eye Heart Glasses (in purple but they do have a range of colours) and the France Romance Shades*.

As flaunted above, I am always a fan of the bold retro eyeware look: on the left we have faux Ray-Bans with swallow detailing, and on the right Le Specs – Nu Ro Scenesters. I love the brash types that Karen Walker designs ad with which she has had a lot of success (her 2007 collection is particularly awesome). Looking good and not damaging your skin from all that squinting? Hot stuff!

*I just succumbed to the charms of the France Romance shades and hopefully will be receiving them in the mail soon!