Concrete Rings

Concrete rings from Designboom, designed by 22 design studio, Taiwan. There’s a lot of good stuff coming out of Taiwan now days. I’ve only been there on a one night stopover – I would love to go back and check out Taipei.

The concrete is an innovative use of an everyday resource. It reinforces that there is more to good design than using expensive materials. Good design is also driven by strong ideas, and in this case the design idea behind each ring is as inspiring as the aesthetics.. The corner ring, worn flat side out, is driven by the following:

“Turn a corner and discover a whole new world: new places, new faces, new heart spaces. Adding corners to the ring gives the sense of creating more breathing room for the person wearing this ring; building anticipation that something amazing is right around the corner.”

Ah! Sustainable, heartfelt and beautiful. I’m a size 5…