We Love You Too! Loulou Loves You Lingerie


Lingerie is an area where you can always make a personal style statement, no matter what the restrictions on your outer layers are. Loulou Loves You designs and makes the most delightfully flash knickers, as well as satiny bows, jackets and garters, all to be found on her pretty wee site.

“‘Loulou Loves You’ was born out of one girls personal love affair with lingerie. When she realised that she owned over eighty pairs of knickers and thought it was time that she turned this obsession into a business.”

I am particularly fond of the shiny pink Lou style knickers (as seen above) and the frilly black & white gingham Dorothys. You also can’t go past her Bow Emporium – full of lovely bows that will give all the folks a sneaky peek of what’s underneath. Perhaps it’s time to express the real you, the smoky eyed starlet lurking under the surface, with some shiny new delights?