Pure gold

If you haven’t heard of Santogold yet then very shortly you wont’ be able to get her out of your head. Described by a friend as the love-child of Rhianna and the Kings of Leon (an alt-pop baby), Santogold shimmies her vocal chords and leads you down an aural rabbit hole. Close friends with M.I.A. and other new breed musicians, Santogold is a girl for the 21st century. Her self titled debut album has a number of stand out songs including; L.E.S. Artistes (the video is astounding, reflecting the current fashion climate perfectly with a mix of buttoned up nostalgia and futuristic confusion), Lights Out and You’ll Find A Way (which screams to be remixed). Also noteworthy is her collaboration with Mark Ronson – ‘Pretty Green’ – a pretty wiggle worthy song for summer. Check out this interview in the Guardian for further confirmation of her rising star. The album Santogold is out May 12.