Scarves are awesome. They suit everyone, they’re affordable, come in a multitude of styles and ultimately are totally functional! Here’s my pick of the 5 most stylish neck warmers this winter:

1. Two Tone Scarf from Urban Outfitters – twice the noise! I love this look and it’s made of jersey which is super comfortable (e.g. not scratchy at all, which is very important!). It also comes in a magenta-taupe colourway, which reminds me of crushed rose petals.

2. Waffle Pocket Scarf from Witchery. Ever sat at a chilly bus stop trying to wrap up your hands in a scarf because somehow you’d lost both gloves? The designer of this innovative scarf certainly has, integrating pockets into both ends. As well as being a sexy addition to any wardrobe, I appreciate the care that has gone into making this a human focused design.

3. This tangerine dream Flute Scarf from Country Road is amazingly chunky and bright, both imperative qualities of a great scarf. Wool is one of the warmest materials out there too! Snuggle up!

4. For something more wrap like, Anthropologie has the sweet Chevron scarf. Big and roomy enough to wrap all ways around your body.

5. Michael Kors is responsible for this delicious tie dyed scarf. If you feel like splurging this is the one for you – in one of the two gorgeous colours, lavender or lemon. Available from Net-A-Porter.